martes, 2 de agosto de 2011

Africa is where my heart lies - Miriam Makeba

A picturesque sunset lights up the sky
A magical moment of light passing by
Romantic rhythms that beat through the night
mother nature's gift for you and I

Africa is my hope

(Don't you know that) home is
Where my heart lies
Across the ocean into the African skies

Through the hills and valleys
Over the mountains
Africa is where my heart lies*

A new day dawns upon our land
Breathing life for the creation of man
Holding treasures of beauty given for all
The African dream that touches the soul of all
Our motherland, our home


This is where I'll stay
The birthplace of my heart


*Aunque la palabra -lie- significa mentira
también puede en otros casos singnificar:

Reposar acostado, yacer, estar.

Porque donde esté vuestro tesoro,
allí estará también vuestro corazón.

hogar es donde mi corazón reposa.


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