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El Chavo - The Animated Series #1

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English Jokes

Las risas no serán muy sinceras, pero hay algunos chistes buenos ;-D

Student 1 - What happens if you dial 666?
You will get some policemen upside down!

Student 2 - What dog smells like onions?
A hot dog!

Student 3 - What is white when its dirty and black when its clean?
A blackboard!

Student 4 - What has no beginning, no end, and nothing in the middle?
A doughnut!

Student 5 - What always falls without getting hurt?

Student 6 - What is Santa's girlfriend called?
Mary Christmas!

Student 1 - How do you stop fish from smelling?
Cut their noses off!

Student 2 - What is brown and sticky?
A stick!

Student 3 - What did the tree say to the boy?
Leaf me alone!

Student 4 - What do sheep do on sunny days?
Have a baa - baa - cue!

Student 5 - What did the frog order at McDonald's?
French flies!

Student 6 - Where can you find an ocean without water?
On a map.

Student 1 - What should you say when you meet a ghost?
How do you boo?

Student 2 - What's a snakes favourite subject?

Student 3 - What do giraffes have that no other animal has?
Baby giraffes

Student 4 - What question can't be answered with a yes?
Are you asleep?

Student 5 - How does Minnie Mouse go to school?
By minnie-bus!

Student 6 - Whats big, fat, grey and wears a beautiful dress?

Guajira, I love you too much - Yerba Buena

La magia no es buena, pero está música sí...

(Yeah you know, I got a story about my guajira)

/Guajira... I love you too much!/

Hey you! we parted the dance and I see her, I meet her
they call her guajira, in Cuba they greet her
me encanta the masses that greet her
beautiful diamond and african features

I love her and her passion for freedom
I promise to have her and keep her and teach her
oye, chiquita, quiero volar contigo
tocar tu ombligo y bachatear contigo

im going crazy, my heart stop beating as she grazed me
whispered in my ear how long would it take me
to get her whole family here safely
she said they were deported back in the 80's

she learned some black magic in Haiti, to save me
the way she moves her hips its amazing
Oye, guajira, so nice to meet ya
next time i see ya we can roll some reefer


check check i wanna fly with you, i wanna fly with you
tell em yo

she had a beautiful face, kept her cuticles laced
Match made in heaven, share the same musical taste
reminiscing when i met her at the Copacobana
had me unstable crazy going loco bananas

long legs brown hair, I swear she came with a halo
Her sensuality had her looking even better then j-lo
Puerto Rican- Cuban mami had me going berzerk
went all the way to Guantanamo searchin her skirt

mother of two, she works out she's so gorgeous
brother its true no doubt shes flawless
her love's a drug she was getting me yoo
kinda bug when she flipped and telling me no

I got evicted cause of course i was lacking the money
could predicted when she went back to her country
on vacation to the city now she leaving my world
now i feel pity for pity, I be needing a girl


Check, check I wanna fly with you, I wanna fly with you

/Guajira negra con tumbao, tengo el mundo arrebatao/

Guajira guantanamera de ojos grandes y saltones
I wanna get down with you, get brown with you,
the smell of your sweet platains is driving me insane
and you dont even kno my name,
you blow my mind like a butterfly, milking cows in the sunshine

you really turn me on
when you picking daisies right outside the barn
light the bomb when the night comes
i like to spy on you honey baby naked right under the moon boom boom boom...


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Shake a Hand - Elvis Presley

Just leave it to me
Don't ever be ashamed
Just give me a chance
I'll take care of everything

Your troubles I'll share
Let me know and I'll be there
I'll stay close to you
Anyplace and anywhere

Shake a hand, shake a hand
Shake a hand if you can

Be truthful to me
I'll be truthful to you
I'm in love with you so
Till I don't know what to do

So, let's call it a day
I said all I have to say
Except don't forget to pray
And shake a hand every day

Shake a hand, shake a hand
Shake a hand if you can