sábado, 24 de diciembre de 2011

Change The World - Sesame Street

Plaza Sésamo al estilo de Rihanna ;-)

You know I'm gonna chance the world
She´s gonna change the world
She`s gonna make the world a better world

When I grow up, oh, what can I be?
Well, take a look and see
I'm gonna be the best the first leader I can be
you know I'm gonna change the world

Can I be a doctor?
Oh, absolubtly
I can be an MD
and have the city come healthy

Can I be a judge?
Well, my answer is shure
Yes I'm happy to be court
I can be a judge as I said before

Can I be an astronaut
Who travel so far?
Yes, I reach for the stars
I'm gonna be the first person on mars

Nothing's gonna stop me
Nothing's gonna get in my way
I'm gonna make a difference
I'm gonna start today!

Can I be the person in the *
In the White House I live

* make it owesome *

I can be anything
You know that is true

I can be anything
Well, how about you?

You can be anything
Can you make this world a better world?

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