miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010

If I was President - Wyclef Jean

Yeah... Election time's coming...
Who you gon(na) vote for? Yeah!

If I was President
I'd get elected on Friday
Assasinated on Saturday
Buried on Sunday

They'll go back to work on Monday

If I was President

Instead of spending
Billions on the war
I can use that money
so I can feed the poor

Cause I know some so poor
when it rains that's when they shower
Screaming "Fight the power!"
That's when the vulture devoure


I know some soldiers
that sleep but they can't dream
Wake up with screams
sounds of M-16s

So take this medal of honor
for your bravery
I wish you the best care
for you and your family


But the radio won't play this
They call it rebel music
How can you refuse it?
Children of Moses

Tell the children the truth, the truth
It's not all like bling that's Diamonds

Tell them the truth, the truth
Most that you wear cubic Zirconium

Tell them the truth, the truth, yeah!
Your soul is worth more than Diamonds and gold

Yeah, If I was President all blacks'll have reperation, no segregation
Feed the nation 'til there's no famine
Muslims, Jews, Christians would all hold hands
every week on the beach, party by the sand

And word up, take trips on Air Force One
No need to bring no homless with no sneaks to Air Force One
Better schools in the hood, better teachers for the classes
making money, paying no taxes

Find the best scientist, tell'em come up with an answer
I want the cure for AIDS and Cancer
But I gotta watch my back, sniper gonna heal with the steel
waiting JFKill


I feel the rain comming
let me play the guitar for them right now
let's go!
Rescue G's, Yeah!


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