viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

Little Girl Of Mine - The Cleftones

Oh, little girl of mine
Yeeh, you sure look fine
Yes, you appeal to me
I'll never set you free

Be my loving baby til the end of time
I can't see this get you off my mind

Those boys all roll their eyes
as we go strolling by
It's not so hard to see
that they all envy me

Cause your loving baby you belong to me
That's the way it was meant to be, oh...

/ Oh, well, now I know
I love you so
I'll never, ever let you go
I need your love, oh, so much
I thrill to your touch /

So, little girl stay true
That's all I ask of you
Be mine and mine alone
Don't leave your happy home

Cause I love you baby
and I always will
You're my one and only thrill, oh...
My baby... My honey...

Si te gustó este género musical (Doo Wop)
acá está una emisora online
que lo incluye y alterna con baladas:


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