viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2011

Next Generation - Culcha Candela

Culcha Candela one more time, now!
Oh... Rrrra...

It`s all about the next generation
Where people get ready, feel crossover stylee

It`s the next generation
We mix up dancehall, hip hop and reggae, now

Next generation
Worldwide, you see, we unite

Feel the next generation (generación)
Now we say knowledge and style, move on

Esta nueva generación te trae una nueva sensación
La escucharas en cada ocasión en cada radioestación
¿Ahora quien nos va a parar?¿Quién lo quiere intentar?
Sin cultura no hay candela y tu no lo podras lograr

And again here we come with the positive vibe
with or without mic gotta work for our future
Gotta see the responsibility of the next generation youth, you

See, we're living in a time of decision
and use our energy to make a change is our mission

I'm a son of the Almighty, me say just like you
and anyone of us haffi struggle feel pass through
any thing you a go do is just to make yourself grow
until you get a chance to make a better tomorrow


Next generation we are more than just fun
Our responsibility is to carry on the music
That our ancestors once gave to us
they might rest in peace but their spirit is alive

(Alemán con un poco de Inglés:)

Wir sind die next generation die sachen macht die gab’s noch nie
wir bringen mixed up
new stylee das ist die new school ecstasy
worldwide weltweit schreien wir nach
denn wir battlen nie wir bilden uns ’ne
massive community

Manch einer muss noch begreifen daß schwarze nicht neger heißen
look at us wir haben spaß und lassen jetzt die früchte reifen
es gab die 90s mit der Generation X
jetzt ist 2000 und 5 und wir sind Generation Next


You hear me coming from the dark moving to see a brighter day
with sunshine for everybody
Stepping out the dust from a not to a yeah yeah yeah
spreading bare positivity

You haffi clean up your heart your mind mind and your talk all day
conscious fi iver we stay
Coming from the dark and we´re moving to a brighter day
let the sun shine on your way


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