domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2011

Player - Tercer Cielo

Con el amor no se juega...

Quien quiera ganar en el amor
debe dejar de ser un jugador...

I'm not, I'm not, I'm not like others
I'm not gonna give you my phone number
I already know what's on your mind
Don't even think you'll ever have a chance

How many hearts have you broken?
With your sweet talk and your games
I already know your stories
Being a player is your hobby

Just because you think you are fine
Do you think that I'll be blind?
I'm no intrigued by your car
Neither your bling, bling, I don't care about that

For me there's something else more important
Than material things that you can give me
Somebody with a pure heart,
Sincerity, in love with God

I'm not a bad guy just get to know me
I promise I'll go to church every sunday
Won't you let me have a chance to prove?
To prove that I can win with heart


Right know you need to undestand
You'll never get my love that way
You can go to church everyday
For years and still be the same

You need to change your way of thinking
Please understand,I'm not kidding
I need somebody with a pure heart,
Sincerity, in love with God

I'm sorry about the things you heard about me
I realized i was wrong in my way of acting
Won't you let me have a chance to prove
To prove that i can win with heart


Player, player, I don't wanna be a player, player...


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