miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

Fingers Crossed - Millencolin

I alway knew you were a keeper
Maybe not exactly from day one,
Guess I never wanted it to be overdone

And even though you are a sleeper
Well, to me that's never been a crime
And after all you woke up in time

So now you're back on your feet again
Now you're back to compete with men
Now you're back and it took some time
To get from misery to prime

Now you're back onto change the world
Now you're back and I say : Go, girl!
Now you're back and you do Just fine (So don't resign)
`coz after rainy days the sun will shine

I know I've been part of reasons
Why you sometimes felt so sore
And I'm sorry I didn't give you more

But now you're heading better seasons
And your mom she's watching you
From above with fingers crossed for everything you do


It doesn't matter what others say
Even those you call friends
Don't leave it out for another day
This might be your big chance

You're the one always beside me
When I'm lost you're always to guide me
It's about time I give you something back

I'm the one selfish and greedy
Never care enough what you needed
But even still you had the strength to get back in the end


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