sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2009

Sonohra - Love Show (Acoustic)

I want you, I need you
I'd give my freedom just to be with you

Together, divided
You're like a song I want to hear again

I know that I belong here by your side
Love is something that you cannot hide

Come to me, set me free!
Love can last an eternity!
Play your part within your heart
That's your Love show, yeah!

Love can change
Turn your winter into spring
Play your part within your heart
That's your love show, yeah!

My spirit, our story
I know I never felt this way before

You give love new meaning
And now we're opening a brand new door

No one else can make me feel so fine
No one else is ever on my mind


Only for you
Do I see?
I will as show must go on


Never the end (x6)


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