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Vocabulario - Intermedio I

Vocabulario de los Audios de English Discoveries Online

Intermedio I

(Palabras nuevas, sin repetir las aprendidas en niveles anteriores)

above, accent, accept, acceptable, accepted, according, accountant, actually, advertising, agencies, agree, agreed, airmail, akiko, alex, almost, along, although, ambulance, americans, among, ancestors, andrew, animals, annual, appendix, apple, areas, arts, assignments, athletes, attendance, attended, average, awful, bankes, barnett, basics, become, becoming, been, begun, believe, believes, below, benedict, blues, boat, born, both, boxes, break, bridge, bright, broken, brother, built, caller, care, cause, celebrate, celebrating, celebration, celebrations, cereal, champion, chance, change, changing, chantal, cheapest, cheers, child, childhood, child's, christmas, citizen, santa claus, client, close, clouds, cloudy, club, coach, coat, colleagues, collection, collects, colleges, coming, competition, confused, consider, contact, contains, continue, contracts, copy, copywriting, corn, craighouse, creates, crossed, crossing, damage, danger, dangerous, decided, degrees, deirdre, delivered, descendant, dick, did, diploma, diplomas, director, display, distance, DJ, done, doug, Dr., drive, driver, dry, duke, earlier, eleanor, elementary, empty, ended, englishmen, entertainment, envelope, equipment, eric, event, ever, examination, exams, exchange, executives, exhibit, exhibited, expenses, expensive, experience, explained, express, face, fact, fahrenheit, fair, fall, fan, farm, fashioned, faster, father's, felt, festival, field, figures, fireworks, firm's, flooding, fog, fordham, formal, forty, fraser, freezing, friday, frosty, future, gallery, garbage, gas, gathered, general, geography, gertrude, gets, giant, given, glad, glasgow, graded, grades, graduated, graduates, group, grow, guitar, gym, hands, hank, hard, harder, hardest, hardly, harmony, harry, harry's, hasn't, hearing, heavy, held, helped, helps, herself, higher, highly, highville, history, holiday, homesick, honor, host, hundred, hurt, husband, idle, immigrants, improved, improves, income, independence, indian, indians, institute, intelligent, intermediate, introduce, invited, it'll, jameson, jefferson, joe, johnson, joining, judge, kenji, kenji's, kenyon, kept, kim's, kind, kindergarten, kinds, kiss, knows, lately, latest, lead, learned, least, lectures, leg, lex, lightning, limit, local, longer, mail, mailbox, marge, mastered, matchboxes, materials, math, mathematics, members, men, mike's, mini, miss, misses, missing, models, mostly, motivated, motivates, motivation, Mrs., myself, national, native, naturally, nearest, needed, normal, norse, north, nowhere, offer, offered, onto, opportunity, overseas, package, packages, packs, pains, paper, parade, parcel, parcels, parents, parker, participating, parts, pascal, passing, past, penelope, perry, picasso, pie, pieces, players, plaza, plenty, pole, pollock, positions, post, postage, potatoes, practicing, preschool, probably, producing, promotion, properly, pumpkin, putting, qualify, quickly, rain, rains, raise, rather, read, receive, received, recycle, recycling, rene, reports, required, resume, route, rush, rushed, salut, same, saw, scale, scared, science, scotland, sculptures, secondary, sending, sends, sent, serious, set, several, shift, ships, short, shouted, side, signal, silk, simply, since, six, sixty, skies, slowest, somewhere, sound, specially, spectacular, speed, speeding, spend, stamps, state, stella, step, stomach, stood, stopped, stores, storm, straight, students', such, sunshine, supposed, surface, surprised, sweet, symbolizes, taken, tank, taste, tate, taught, tax, teaching, temperatures, temporary, term, test, thanksgiving, themselves, they'll, thing, thirteen, those, throw, thunder, tide, ties, tokyo, touch, towards, track, tradition, traditional, transfer, tried, truck, turned, tutor, TV, unique, unusual, urgently, used, variety, verall, warm, warmly, warned, warning, wastepaper, weekday, weekend, weeks, weighed, weighs, we've, whether, whole, whose, who's, winds, wonder, worrying, wrap, wrapped, wrappers, written, yams, year's, yet, yourself, yourselves, you've

En Negrilla: Nombres Especiales

En Rojo: Palabras derivadas y contracciones

Total: 477 Palabras nuevas (401 si no contamos las derivadas y las contracciones)

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