sábado, 27 de febrero de 2010

One Love - Jukebox

4 consejos:

Agradece a la Vida por lo que tienes y recibes cada día

Ten Fe...
El que cree verá

Confiesa buenas cosas...
Llama al sol, y la lluvia se irá

Donde vayas o estés, acompáñate siempre de buena música...
Música que te haga sentir libre y sonreir


One Love
Two souls together
You’re free
What you're waiting for?

Don’t stop
Now go ahead and make it happend
All you ever need is
1 – 2 – 3 – 4

Day by day
And every night
Passing by
You know it's right
Live your life
To the full
And don’t look back

*Chorus X 1

Too much hate
Won’t do you good
But's not too late
I know you should
Trust yourself and
You can make
The change that you'd like

*Chorus X 1

1) Sing your way through life with me

2) Keep your faith and you will see

3) Rain will stop falling if sun’s that you’re calling

4) Music’s everywhere you’ll be, makes you smile and gets you free

All that you need you need is just
12 34

*Chorus X 1 – Guïtar – Chorus X 2


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