domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

I love The Islands - Savage

Ya huele a vacaciones
para los que puedan
hay muchas Islas por visitar...

Word! Why! Hey
Super Villan Beats
And here we go....
For the Islands from the Islands, and you know the Islands
I wanna say...
Savage is what I said!
Shake your mouth...

I wanna go back to the Islands
Back to the roots
Pack my bags up and be there soon
coconut trees and island breeze
and nothing but white sand up under my feet

Just chill, relax and just stay still
Be like baby D and walk around in a Kilt
A Kilt in Samoan it's ie lava-lava
'Cause its too hot for your jeans my brother

Its something like 100 degrees
So when it gets hot I'm deep in the sea
Put snorkels on swim in the reef
Yeah, I love water like fish when they breathe

Now I'm gonna roll like a pair of dice
Up in the plains in my paradise
Come experience that island life
C'mon it's something i know you gonna like because...

Its the one place
that everyone wants to go
Come to Trop
It's the place I get to call my home

Love the islands
I love the islands, Oh, Oh, Oh!
The one place
That I get to call my home

Back to islands, back to the motherland
Thats where mum slapped dad my brothers at
thats family bond
and when I step out the house i got my jandals on

I'm from the island of Samoa the heart of the pacific
The home of romance and passionate kisses
Hot summer breeze coming from the sea
Thats the bomb place where I wanna be

Chillin in shade iced tea and lemonade
Man I could do this like everyday
(Hell, yeah) Damn I love the islands
You don't even need money you can off the land

Build a little house than grow from that, yeah!
Everytime you leave you don't wanna come back
And when you do you don't ever wanna leave
Just stay right here and be a local like me, yeah!


The Virgin Islands (I wanna go home)
Jamaica Islands
Puerto Rico Islands
Caribbean Islands

Hawai'i Islands
Samoan Islands
Tonga Islands
Fiji Islands

All of my Cook islands
Niue Islands
The Solomon Islands
Phillipian Islands

Tuvalu Islands
Evali Islands
Martinique Islands
Tahitian Islands


Love the islands
I love the islands, Oh, Oh, Oh

That you know


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