sábado, 6 de noviembre de 2010

Miracle - Nice Stupid Playground

I feel life
I feel wonderful
I guess I’m just doing fine
Found a place called home

Then I saw you (oh oh, oh oh...)
Sitting by the crowded beach, how I wished
The colour of this life seems bright
Gotta have you

She said
She's gotta have me hold me close
and let me touch you heavenly
automatic blow you away

'Cause I can’t stay for now
A miracle on my side
Watch you playing
Away it will be crushed
Believe me, I will make it last

She wanted me now
Is there a place for me anywhere?
I'd rather be the one to hold
Believe me, I do


Be the one hold you
Hold you tight
Feeling kinda crazy
Thought you much

... and I won’t let quit


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