martes, 21 de junio de 2011

Free Energy - Free Energy

We're breaking out this time
Making out with the wind
And I'm so disconnected
I'm never gonna check back in

We're gonna start a new life, see how it goes
Before we're tired and too slow

We'll never get any other life, there's too far to go
So together we make this whole, whoa...

Can you remember the moment?
Did you forget that time?
We were switching a ride in the car coming by go'n the saturday night

You said there's nothing to wait for, there's nothing to know
Were never waking up if we never let it go
I said I wanna believe but i'm out of control and...
I've got so far to go, woah...

It's coming out of the dark now
It's dripping off my skin
It's on the tip of my tongue as I drift through my body
Into the city within

And now the people are breathing, the air is alive
It's coming out of the street light
And now the battle is over, whenever we deicide that
There's nothing left to hide

/ This is all we got tonight /
We are young and still alive
Now the time is on our side

Right now, we'll make it right now
When every thought is electrical
Right now, we'll make it right now, the dream is coming...

You're gonna see how it works
You're gonna see it connect
You're gonna see em surrender, oh

Right now, we'll make it right now
Or nothing's gonna change
And maybe we already know the way
Forever every day

Do you know why the spirit's calling?
For my end to see?
It reminds us we're alive, this moment
Of who we are, what we could be

There's nothing to pray for
There's nothing to know
We're never waking up if we never let it go

The fever is coming
It's shaking the ground
The city's alive so tonight we break out

It's coming apart now it's not too far
We'll never know why we arrive where we are
We'll never know why we bring the seed in these times
But if you wanna get high kid, just open your eyes

(Chorus x3)


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