lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

Furry Happy Monsters - REM

Ha Ha Ha Ha
Furry happy monsters laughing (oh, that’s great!) (ha ha ha ha)
Monsters having fun
Happy, happy
See them jump and run
Happy, happy
laughing all the while
Cheerful cheerful
Flashing a big smile
That’s a perfect sign
That they’re feeling fine

/Furry happy monsters feeling glad/
Furry happy monsters laughing

Something has gone wrong (what are we gonna do?)
Sighing, sighing
Faces have turned long ( I am so sad!)
Crying, crying
Hear them sob and whine (oh oh oh)
Tearful, tearful
That’s a real good sign
That they’re feeling glum
Sad, sad times have come

/Furry sobbing monsters feeling sad/ (oh so it’s sad)
Furry sobbing monsters crying.

Come on monsters, you don’t have to cry, (we don’t)
we can be happy! (all righ!t) (yeah!)

/Furry happy monsters feeling glad/
Furry happy monsters laughing.

Monsters, Happy, Monsters


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