domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

Summer Jam - The Underdog Project

Tonight hotties wearing "Prada"-skirts real tight
Temperature is rising, feeling real hot
in the heat of the night

Midnight the party won't stop until the morning light
I'm skoping out the hotties with the light eyes
Be with me tonight

Can't get you outta my mind, I can't lie
'Cause a girl like you is so hard to find
I'm waiting for the day to make you mine

'Cause I can't take it

This ain't nothing but a summer jam
Bronze skin and cinnamon tans, whoa!
This ain't nothing but a summer jam
We're gonna party as much as we can

Hey-yeah, ooh, hey-yeah
Summer jam alright!
Hey-yeah, ooh, hey-yeah

Moonlight cruising down the boulevard strobe lights
Watching you, your body's tight, alright
looking kinda freaky to me

(Pre-Chorus & Chorus)

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