viernes, 7 de agosto de 2009

The Cat Came Back - Cisco Houston

A veces hemos oído historias sobre como algunas mascotas
saben muy bien como regresar a casa. Esta es una de ellas...

The Cat Came Back
Cisco Houston

Well old Mr. Johnson

had troubles all his own
He had an old yellow cat
that wouldn't leave home

Tried everything he knew
to get the cat to stay away
Even took him up to Canada
and told him for to stay

But the cat (kitty)
came back

the very next day
Thought he was a goner
but the cat came back
'Cause he wouldn't
stay away

Well they give a boy
a dollar

for to set the cat afloat

And he took him
up the river

in a sack and a boat

Well the fishin'
it was fine

till the news got around
That the boat was missing
and the boy was drowned


Well the farmer
on the corner

said he'd shoot him
on sight

And he loaded up his gun
full of rocks and dynamite

The gun went off
heard all over town
Little pieces of the man
was all that they found


Well they finally found a way
this cat for to fix
They put him in an orange crate
on Route 66

Come a ten ton truck
with a twenty ton load
Scattered pieces of the orange crate
all down the road


Now they gave him to a man
going up in the balloon
And they told him for to leave him
with the man in the moon

Well the balloon got busted
back to earth it head
And seven miles away
they picked the man up dead


Well they took him to the shop
where the meat was ground
And they dropped him in the hopper
when the butcher wasn't 'round

Well the cat disappeared
with a blood-curdling shriek
And the town's meat
tasted furry for a week


Well, they took him to Cape Canaveral
and they put him in a place
Shot him in a U.S. rocket
going way out in space

Well they finally thought the cat
was out a' human reach
Next day they got a call
from Miami Beach and...



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