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Writing Tips - Beautiful - Alright - Already

A veces suele confundirse la escritura
de la palabra Full (lleno, lleno de) con la de la terminación -ful
que tienen palabras como:

Careful (Lleno de cuidado, o cuidadoso)
Painful (Lleno de dolor, o doloroso)
Peaceful (Lleno de paz, o pacífico)
y Beautiful (Lleno de belleza o Hermoso)

Y aunque parte del significado de cada palabras es debido a la palabra 'full'
hay que tener en cuenta que en este tipo de palabras
se escriben en la parte final con solo una 'L'.

Espero que este artículo les haya sido 'Useful'.


It´s a beautiful world
It´s a beautiful day
The sun is shining to my heart
Every morning in every day

/ It´s a beautiful world
It´s a beautiful day
The sun is shining to my heart
Every moments in every way /

/ I see no reasons to cry
I feel no reasons to run
Just look inside your lonely heart
Open your eyes you´ll see the sun /

Algo similar sucede con All
cuando se une a algunas palabras para formar una sola
perdiendo una 'L':

All Right - Alright
(Palabras de significado similar: ¡Todo Bien!, o... ¡Bien! ¡De acuerdo!)

Y estas otras de diferente significado:

All readyTodo está Listo!)
Already = Ya, Ya está (Que Ya está hecho)

Frases para aprender dos frases parecidas con significados diferentes:

All right, already! ¡De acuerdo, ya está! (¡Está bien, ya está!)

Already alright! Ya está (todo) bien!

Are you alright? (¿Estás bien?)

Yolanda Adams - Already Alright

I want to start things out
by giving testimony
Cause one of my friends
got ill seriously

Now the doctor told him
aint no way you gone' live
But he prayed his prayer in faith
And a miracle appeared

It's already, alright!
It's already, alright!

And all you got to do is
Just bow your head down
Just bow and pray
And then give it all up
And know everything's gonna be okay

Just throw your hands up
And then wave them left to right
And then do your dance child
Cause it's all right already!

Always sorrounded by negativity
This might be where I live
But it aint gonna change me

Gotta work on my mind
And keep my actions pure
And when I stumble
I know who has the cure

So any time your feeling down
Just lift your voice in praise

It'll pick you right up
And you can come to Him
dont be afraid!

Anytime , day or night
He can give you what you need
And if you pray your prayer in faith

And in your heart believe that!

It's already, alright!
It's already, alright!

When life's problems get you down
Can't find no peace nowhere around
Trust in the spirit you can't see
Its bout to bring you your relief

Go ahead and cry now, Its all right
Cause now you're cryin tears of joy
This life aint hurting you no more

Cause you know its all ready alright!

It's all ready alright! (Oh yes, it is!)
It's all ready alright!


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