viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

All In - The Grouch & Eligh

Estos chicos se la juegan toda... Todo o nada...

To me it seems you’ve lost your steam
Your steam it seems you’ve lost it (lost it)

Demons haunt your thinking, freedom gone
And all exhausted (exhausted)

Dreaming dreams of fortune, all your deeds
Are impromptu and not in sync with laws

And warnings never heeded while you block them
marching forth
and choosing what to keep and what to leave

Consistently you’re falling
all or nothing
Please I’ll tweak it out, I think I’m on to something

Now you’re beat to pieces and the pieces and the parts are busted
All your greatest thinking got you sinking in the rotten gutter

Now it’s nothing left, but everything to gain
No options, so you walk the narrow steps to the domains
That have been calling soldier

All of the resistance kept you out from what is within
If you follow it, it rises from inside ya up and over, ALL IN!

Spent half my life on a search for nothing
I came up with something, It’s on again!

I found myself by the river and jumped in!
It’s all or nothing, gotta be all in

/Be all in, gotta be all in,
Be all in, Yeah it’s all or nothing!/


To make me feel right, give me wealth and real life
And then mix it together like popcorn and butter right

Order the Tapatio, sit and I talk to Rio
Listening to music like that old Innercity Griots

Pretty females all in my life
Yup, that’s how it had to be so now I call one my wife

Give me my order organic, I need my border Hispanic
I mean I love it in Cali, But out in Maui it’s woww-wee, so...

somebody get me a ticket, No need for packing a biscuit
I want more laughing and giggling

Need more passion and wisdom
Give some and take some, I don’t want no fake ones
If I need new friends then I’ll make some


Put your hands up high when I step on stage
God to my side microphone on blaze

Wanna be on point, brand new white shoes
Need to be in the cut, cause I paid my dues

Need to hear good news, when I make moves
Need to make music if I wanna eat food

Need to make a meeting if I wanna stay clean
Don’t wanna be a dope fiend, Keeping that beam up

On the back of my neck, when I trek
with a team on the road that be acting a wreck
Need a book full of...


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