domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

7 days a week - Imagination Movers


Seven days a week

You know I'm learning and I'm growing
Seven days a week
I'm finding something new to* do

Seven days a week
I'm having fun you know it's showing
Seven days a week
I'm having lots of fun with you

Monday to Monday to Monday
Tuesday to Tuesday to Tuesday
Wednesday to Wednesday to Wednesday

Thursday and Friday too!

Saturday and Sunday!
Saturday and Sunday!

Having fun with you!

Monday and I go to school, Learn my ABC's
Tuesday on the soccer field they're chasing after me
Wednesday I am in the kitchen helping Mom with dinner!
Thursday and I'm playing a game, but guess what?
I'm the winner!

I'm getting outta school!
I'm going to the pool!
I'm playing with my friends!

Go to sleep at night, do it over again!


One of these days I'll know everything...

* to suena ru en esta canción,
de igual forma en el Inglés es frecuente escuchar
que la T se pronuncie como una R.

Otro ejemplo es Saturday
Que suena: Sárerdei.


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