martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Funky Bahia - Sergio Mendes - & Siedah Garrett

Bahia, Bahia
Salvador, Bahia
Funky Bahia Oh, Oh, Oh...

Laya laya lay oh, oh

Would you take me out for dancing?
Dancing on the floor
I'll be out in Rio
Dancing at the disco

Girls'd be looking sexy
Dressing mighty fine
Baby dancing funky
Happening start the good time

I'll be stepping out to paint the town
And party the night away

I'll be dancing... I'll be grooving!

And you will do it
'cause the drummer
make you do it

make you do it
to the way that he play

Laya laya lay oh, oh

/Ooo ooo layay layay
Ooo ooo laya layay/

Would you take me to the party
Party with the world
Dancing in the ghetto
Knowing as Favelas

Come on everybody
Won't you feel the joy?
Music is the potion
Travelling from coast to coast in

I'll be stepping out around the world
Washing the pain away

You'll be dancing... You'll be grooving!


Laya laya lay oh, oh


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