lunes, 18 de enero de 2010

The Peanut Vendor - Dean Martin

(Peanut, do bop, do bop)

In Cuba each merry maid
wakes up with this seranade:

Peanuts!.. (they're nice and hot!)
Peanuts!.. (he sells a lot... Peanuts)

If you haven't got bananas don't be blue
Peanuts in a little bag are calling you

Don't waste them (no tummy ache)
You'll taste them (when you're awake)

For at the very break of day
The Peanut Vendor's on his way

At dawning the whistle blows:

"Through every city, town and country lane
you hear him sing his plantive little strain"

And as he goes by to you he'll say:

(Big jumbos) big double one
(Come buy those) peanuts roasted today
(Come buy those freshly roasted today)

If you're looking for a moral to this song
50 million little monkeys can't be wrong

(Peanuts, do bop, do bop)

(In Cuba his smiling face
is welcome most anyplace)

(Peanuts!.. They hear him cry)
(Peanuts!.. They all reply)

(If you're looking for an early morning treat)
(Get some double jointed peanuts good to eat)

For breakfast (or dinnertime)
For supper (most anytime)

The merry twinkle in his eye
He's got a way that makes you buy

(Each morning) that whistle blows:

"Are you more than I sell"

If an apple keeps the doctor from your door
Peanuts ought to keep him from you even more

we'll meet again
This street again

You'll eat again
You Peanut Man, that Peanut Man's gone
(Peanut, peanut, peanut!)


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