jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

AY YO - Melanie Fiona

El Inglés práctico
para vivir y sobrevivir
a veces callejero o a veces un tanto campesino
lo podemos encontrar en muchas canciones, e incluso en
sencillas guías de idiomas para la supervivencia laboral
preparadas para los inmigrantes de EEUU
en estados como Carolina del Sur:

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I wanna thank you for everytime you tried
To get the best of me inside
How many times I compromised

I don't do this for the glory
Or for what people might say
I'm gonna do this my own way
Starting today

There's nothing that you can tell me
I'll show you I was born ready

And I say: AY YO*
Rise up lemme see your head high
And if you're with it put your hands up in the sky

La da di di
da di di di
da di dai


And I'm going rock it to the fullest in this life
So Imma give it all I got before I die

La da di di
da di di di
da di da... i...


Every woman has a purpose
Nothing happens by chance
This is your life here in your hands
You gotta fight to take the stand

And I know you might not see it
But the high can fall so fast
When you're in first don't forget the last
You gotta give it all you have

Oh life can be unforgiving
I'm fighting to keep on living


If you have a light
Then hold it up and let it shine
Would you make the choice to meet your destiny
Or let this lifetime pass you by

Only you can make it
What's yours is yours, no one can take it
If you have a dream
Something you believe
It's time to set it free


*Hey You!

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