sábado, 31 de julio de 2010

My Life - Robin Thicke

Algo especial de lo que nos enseña Dios
es que cada cual tiene un camino por recorrer.

Él nos lo pone de acuerdo a los dones que nos da,
y nunca nos manda algo que no podamos cumplir.

Hay veces que nos desviamos de ese camino
tratando de ser o actuar como lo que no somos.

Sin embargo no debemos perder de vista el objetivo principal:

Vivir nuestros sueños dejándonos guiar por Dios en nuestra vida,
para con nuestra vida ayudar a cumplir los sueños de los demás ;-)

Hay sueños de amor como este,
pero no son los únicos sueños por cumplir....

I met this pretty girl, she was from D.C.
I liked the way that she smiled

I said: “There’s a party tonight, you oughta come with me”
She said: “Baby, I’ll try”

I waited all night long for her to walk in
For her to bring me her light, yeah

Then she came in the room, she looked right at me
She was the vision of my life, (I love my life)

Everything is wonderful (My life)

The sun is out, it’s shining so bright (My life)

Just like it’s supposed to go (My life)

And it’s just getting started tonight

You and me, we’re living the dream

You and me, we’re living the dream


I’m in the perfect place
Can’t wipe the smile off my face
Ain’t nothing bringing me down

I feel like clapping my hands
I feel like stomping my feet
I feel like grooving all night

With your body close to me
I hope you can feel my energy
Watch you move your body get hot with me
You and I are celebrating tonight

It’s all around me now
You couldn’t stop it if you tried
Today is like no other day
'cause I’m having the time of my life


Take me to the sky
/Like never before/
And we’ll lie back on the moon
/Like never before/

(Nah Nah Nah…)



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