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Miracle - Matishyahu (Hanukkah Song)

Algo de Historia...

Juego Tradicional en Hanukkah:

Just living in the miracle, candles are my vehicle
Eight nights, gonna shine invincible
No longer be divisible, born through the struggle
Keep on moving through all this hustle

Head up, heads down through all of the bustle
New York City wanna flex your muscle
Look so down, look so puzzled
Huddle ‘round your fire through all the rubble

/Bound to stumble and fall but my strength comes not from man at all/

Do you believe in miracles
Am I hearing you? Am I seeing you?
Eight nights eight lights and these rites keep me right
Bless me to the highest heights with your miracle

Against all odds drive on till tomorrow
Wipe away your tears and your sorrow
Sunrise in the sky like an arrow
No need to worry, no need to cry

Light up your mind no longer be blind
Him who searches will find
Leave your problems behind you will shine like a fire in the sky
what's the reason we’re alive – the reason we’re alive

/Bound to stumble and fall but my strength comes not from man at all/


Eight is the number of infinity one more than what you know how to be
And this is the light of festivity when your broken heart yearns to be free



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