lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010

Rum & Coca-Cola - The Andrews Sisters

If you ever go down Trinidad
They make you feel so very glad
Calypso sing and make up rhyme
Guarantee you one real good fine time

Drinking rum and Coca-Cola
Go down Point Koomahnah
Both mother and daughter
Working for the Yankee dollar

Oh, beat it man, beat it

If the Yankee come to Trinidad
They got the young girls all going mad
Young girls say they treat 'em nice
Make Trinidad like paradise


Oh, you vex me, you vex me

From Chicachicaree to Mona's Isle
Native girls all dance and smile
Help soldier celebrate his leave
Make every day like New Year's Eve


It's a fact, man, it's a fact

In old Trinidad, I also fear
The situation is mighty queer
Like the Yankee girl, the native swoon
When she hear der Bingo croon


Out on Manzanella Beach
G.I. romance with native peach
All night long, make tropic love
Next day, sit in hot sun and cool off


It's a fact, man, it's a fact

/Rum and Coca-Cola.../

Working for the Yankee dollar!


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