martes, 12 de abril de 2011

You, sometimes you have to just be a man
and apologize to your woman, you star...

The amount of thing we all put at you

Grab this:

When a girl cry cause of you not one thing you can say or do (no way)
Make any man go change his mind, no matter what you wanna do

First you find it hard to speak (true), girl straight out make a brother weak
Killing me softly every time and all that I can be

On the street just balling
Girls have been calling
Drop top falling
Brothers keep rolling

Living nothing but a street life (street life)

(c'mon... what?) Yeah!

For all the troubles I brought you, for all the time that you cried
Baby for that I apologize (apologize) Yeah...

For all the time that I've hurt ya, for bringing tears to your eyes
Baby for that I apologize (apologize) You!

/Well I can see it in your eyes, no telling you no lies
Girl I did you wrong, you'll never find another guy

So this is what we got to do, make a family cause it's true
Girl you are a part of me, my heart belongs to you/


(You! you!)

Do you understand the feeling when I'm feeling
When I tell you how I'm feeling when I'm feeling that... way

Can't get over how you make everything better girl
When you are around me you bring joy to my... day

Don't know what I will do without you in my life
I don't give a damn about what people wanna... say

All I'm saying that (what), this is where I'm at (at)
And I'd do anything to make you... stay



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