jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2009

Get Better - Lou Bega

Next year,
things are gonna get better!

Happy New Year 2010

¡Recuerda, el siguiente año
las cosas se pondrán mejor!

It's got, it's gotta get better!

It's got to, got to be good!

It's got, it's gotta get better!

next year it's gotta be better!

I got a house on the hill
But I could be bigger

I drive a car made of steel
but it could be faster

I date a girl and she's so hip
but she could be nicer

I sing a song and it's a hit
Man it could hit higher

I got a job tha t plays me wheel
but it could be wheeler

I am a single in the rain
Pass me a new umbrella

Can see the world for all the trees
Give me my glass, please

life is changing the weather
Things are gonna better


Things are gonna better
stop crying it's gonna get better
man it's gonna get better
next year is gonna get better

If you believe that money is time
Try to buy one minute

And you think that love's the game
And you wanna win it

so, you wanna be a king
but you fight against of her

There is when I will start to sing
next year is gonna be better

/ When you're giving people shit
shit is all you gonna get

if you try a hard to smile
don't expect the sun to shine

'cause you'll be an ugly girl
that's it makes your world the worst

This is all I got to stay:

Things are gonna better

(Chorus) /


You know (x3)
You know (x3)
You know (x6)

That we gotta be good


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