lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2009

Sad Tango - Bi Rain

What I gotta do to make you mine?
What should I be giving myself to find?
Any clue that you might've left behind
Baby please give me a sign
I can never walk away like this

Giving up on you

And it's true...
It's the only one thing that I'm sure
Only one thing that is so pure
Pure enough my heart can cure
There's so much I can endure
Baby can you please come back to me

To my arms, please!

Finding ways to get you back
Everyday I'm asking to myself
What's the reason that you turned your back to me?
How am I supposed to live?

Searchin' places you might be
Anywhere I'll go if I can meet... you
and tell you how I need you here with me
I can't live without your love

Why can't I just give up and let go?
When it's over and I know
Everywhere I look for high and low
Couldn't find you and it shows
that you don't want me to come to you

Come to you again

So I tried...
Tried to live my life without you here
But what I run into is more fear
Can you hear my words, they're so sincere
That I really need you near
Baby why can't you see this is real?

Ah, please come back, baby!


It's too late to say these words of redemption
I should've known better
If I can turn back the clock
I'll do anything and everything

All I need is just one more chance
let me prove my love to you
Let me show you
let me tell you how much I miss you
You're all that I need girl



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