viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Little Red Riding Hood

There was a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood
but people call her: Red
Because she always wears a red cape
Her Mom was looking for her to ask her for a favor:

-Red, oh, Red!
-Yes Mom, what do you need?
-your Granny is very sick. Please, take this for her.
-OK Mom.
-Remember be careful with the Wolf.
-OK Mom, bye!

Little red started walking to the forest
till finds some beautiful flowers
and stopped to get some for her Granny:

-I want to take some flowers for my Granny!

There are two beautiful flowers talking:

-Hello, who are you?
-I am Mary.
-Nice to meet you Mary. I am Rose.
-Nice to meet you too. Is a beautiful day today?
I think so too.

The wolf is watching Little Red behind a tree
suddenly she hears some noise and asks:

-Is someone there?
-Hello little girl, where are you going?
-To my granny’s house. I can't talk to strangers, I gotta go.

-I’m going to take this shortcut.

The Wolf is so happy because he thinks
that he can gets to Granny’s house before Little Red
The clever Wolf runs to Granny’s house taking a shortcut

In the forest a Tree and a Rabbit make some comments:

-Poor Little Red, bad Wolf.
-This Wolf tricks Little Red.
-Poor girl.

The Wolf gets to Granny’s house
and knock the door...

-Yes, who is it?
-It’s me, Little Red
-Come in dear
-Hello Granny
-Who are you? Help! Help!

The wolf runs after Granny
and finally hides her inside the closet
Then he puts on Granny’s clothes
and waits for little red

-It’s me little Red
-Come in dear
-Hello Granny, you look so sick
-Granny, why are your ears so big?
-To hear you better...
-Granny, why are your eyes so big?
-To see you better...
-Granny, why is your nose so big?
-To smell you better...
-But Granny, why is your mouth so big?
-To eat you!
-Help! Help!

The Wolf runs after Little Red
then a Woodcutter appears to help her...

-Help! Help! Help me!
-I am going to help you

There was a noise coming from the closet
they open it and Granny is there...

-Are you OK granny?
-Yes dear
-This Wolf will never bother you again
-Thank you!
-Thank you!

-I better go!

The Wolf leaves Granny’s house
and never come back again

Little Red her Mother and her Granny
Live very happy forever!



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